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If you, your family or business would like to join with other concerned persons to help preserve the Wilbraham of the past for future generations, please become a member.  Gain access to historical resources, support the preservation of documents, artifacts, and the The Old Meeting House and Hearse House for future generations.  Support our development of educational programs for children. 

Annual membership $15.00
Business membership $50.00

Members receive the Society's Newsletter, The Peppercorn

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How can you support The Old Meeting House Museum and the Wilbraham Atheneum Society?  Your volunteer support can help make the Atheneum Society a success. We need your ideas and your input to help us develop the best programs possible.  Please consider helping in one of the following areas:

Exhibition Assistants
Grounds care
Help with special events
Oral History

Contact: volunteer@wilbrahamatheneum.org

Make an Artifact Donation 

The Atheneum Society of Wilbraham is always happy to consider donations that will enhance the breadth and depth of its collections. The society’s primary focus is on items of historical significance to Wilbraham but will consider items of historical significance to a larger geographic area.

The museum accepts artifacts from prehistoric times to the present day for our collection.  We collect a wide
variety of artifacts from those used historically by well-known Wilbraham people to everyday objects of today.  Each potential donation is reviewed by the curatorial staff members to evaluate its appropriateness for the permanent collection. 
Artifacts accepted into the collection should meet the following basic criteria:
1.   The artifact has a Wilbraham (or local area) connection and a known history (who made the item, who used the item, where was it acquired, when was it used, etc.).
2.   The artifact is in stable physical condition.
3.   The artifact is not already overrepresented in the collection.
4.   The artifact can be acquired without restrictions, such as requirements for a long-term loan or
       permanent exhibition of the artifact.

If you have item(s) you think would be of interest to us please contact us by phone at 596-4097 or through email at curator@wilbrahamatheneum.org. Please do not drop off or mail objects without first contacting the museum; we want to make sure that your potential gift is properly identified and cared for.

Thank you for considering the donation of artifacts to our museum exhibits.

Please contact our curator to discuss the donation of historical artifacts for the Museum Collection.
Email: curator@wilbrahamatheneum.org

Make a Monetary Donation 

Financial donations are always appreciated.   Please make checks payable to:

The Atheneum Society of Wilbraham
Old Meeting House
450 Main Street
Wilbraham  MA 01095

Thank you for your support! 

Thanks to memberships and donations, the ASW volunteers and members are able to:

  • Maintain historic museums at the Old Meeting House and Hearse House on Main St.
  • Create long term and short term exhibits that explore Wilbraham history
  • Bring programs of historic interest to our community

All of this is accomplished at no cost to the museum visitor.

450 Main Street ~ Wilbraham, MA 01095 ~ 413.596.4097